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You wouldn’t need to be too much of a genius to realise that commissioning a couple of half-naked, big-cocked fuckers like Thomas Dyk and Samuel Boswell to do some car maintenance is only going to result in one thing – and it hasn’t got anything to do with getting a vehicle back on the road! Indeed, the sight of Dyk with his arms in the air, exposing his pits, quickly seems to get his horned-up buddy into quite a lather – why, Boswell is worshipping that underarm hair in fucking no time!
It’s a move that promptly results in casting his work to one side so that he can concentrate on some much-needed cock maintenance, as he falls down on his knees and gives Boswell’s handsome shaft a rigorous sucking; before Boswell returns the favour and slurps eagerly on Dyk’s now swollen rod! All the same, it’s pretty obvious that Dyk is gonna be the slut in this equation – a fact that’s underlined by the way his lips are soon back on Boswell’s dick like life-support, with his arse lifted in the air to expose that sweet (but constantly well-worked) pucker!
Anyone expecting this to be a simple duo, however, will get something of a surprise once Boswell’s shaft is embedded in its rightful place, however; with Peeping Tom, Dillon Day, quickly emboldened to join in the sordid fun that’s being played out in front of him. Suffice it to say that the horny newcomer doesn’t need a second invite to plug Dyk’s mouth. Nor does he need asking twice to fuck his arse! All of which soon results in Dyk getting a veritable tsunami of spunk splattered all over his face, whilst jerking off his own rich load!
Thomas Dyk, Dillon Day, Samuel Boswell 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
Bottom Boys Scenes
Run Time:
19 minutes
Release Date: