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Young leather-jacket fan, Bob Farlow, has a bit of a problem – one that’s very common in porn scenes. He’s had some work done on his car, courtesy of the gloriously named Fanny Duke; but he now can’t afford to pay the guy back. In normal circumstances this would cause untold trouble, of course. In the fantasy represented here, however, there’s a very obvious solution; with Farlow’s eager requests for more time to settle the bill accompanied by him making a tentative grope of Duke’s crotch.
To be fair, Duke seems initially unsettled by the turn of events; but it quickly becomes clear that Farlow’s hands can be very persuasive. So much so, in fact, that Farlow soon has full access to the mechanic’s cock and is down on his knees to give the handsome member some much-desired oral attention. What’s more, it’s no time at all before Duke is replicating the favour, slurping on Farlow’s shaft with just as much enthusiasm; before Farlow uptakes his initial position to help bring the horny little grease-monkey to an arguably premature climax.
At which point you might be forgiven for thinking that this short little vignette had run its course. Duke evidently has very different ideas, however; immediately making a beeline for Farlow’s gorgeous arse and very enthusiastically fingering it. Given the energy that the mechanic puts into the ensuing probe of his customer’s hungry fuck-hole, the fact that Farlow is quickly at the point of no return comes as little surprise. All the same, there’s simply no denying that the furious multi-shot flood that results is simply fucking amazing!
Fanny Duke, Bob Farlow 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
Bottom Boys Scenes
Run Time:
4 minutes
Release Date: