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An unashamed celebration of the biggest, uncut dicks London has to offer. We start with the notorious Harry Louis, darling of the fashion world, but a demon between the sheets, The only guy we could find to stand his massive, nine inch dick and brutal pounding was the anally obsessed Ashley Ryder. Then we're up close and overly personal with Kallum Ash's huge dick, as it swing with every thrust of Toby James's fat prick. Toby loves to slam Kallum's juicy hole and this bottom boy takes it like a pro. Justin King takes a good nine inches of Edward Fox's man-meat inside him, as he grits his teeth with every inch, whilst Nathan Price and Luke Rivera flip-flop fuck, sharing each others mighty lengths and meaty, sweaty holes. Lastly its Justin King on the receiving end of the magnificent cum shot and stunning big dick of Lucas Knowles - ''nobody cums like that''! OH YES THEY DO.
Harry Louis, Ashley Ryder, Kallum Ash, Toby Stephens, Edward Fox, Justin Harris, Justin King, Lucas Knowles 
Great Britain
UK Naked Men
Run Time:
105 minutes
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