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Never one to hold his exhibitionist tendencies in check, Hector Agusti decides to sunbathe in the nude – no doubt aware that his antics are likely to be disturbed by some innocent passer-by. Whether you could actually describe Xavier Sibley as “innocent” is another matter entirely, however. True, he’s strolling through the woods without a care in the world at the start of this scene; but there’s no denying his reluctance to make a sharp exit when he stumbles upon the black Adonis privately sunning himself. Indeed, there’s an almost palpable attraction to Agusti as he reaches out to touch the handsome dude’s meaty, uncut cock; at which point the young twink’s destiny is irrefutably sealed! Seconds on and the young French beauty is quite literally down on his knees and doing what comes as second nature to a cock-crazed pup such as himself, hanging off that thick, black shaft and rimming Agusti’s ass.

As introductions go this is certainly one of the more memorable; but matters only gain even more intensity when the black stud bundles Sibley onto all fours and promptly rims the young lad’s hungry little pucker in anticipation of a hardcore fucking. It’s exactly the kind of top-notch interracial set-piece that will have any black-on-white aficionado going singularly crazy; and suffice it to say that the horny little pup takes every inch of Agusti’s over-sized ramrod like a long-term trooper! All the same, even he can’t hold back from the inevitable splurge of jizz in the end; before his black buddy quite literally erupts Vesuvius-style with a cascade of hot, sticky spooge!
Hector Agusti, Xavier Sibley 
John Smith
Bareback Monster Cocks
Run Time:
21 minutes
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