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Summer is only getting started for these boys, and with Daniel now at his vacation home in the middle of nowhere, his only entertainment will be studying, this is until the gardeners arrive, Nick and Danny go to the house to check out the new guy, and with the beer in hand, Danny makes the first move that Daniel will understand! Starting by kissing him, they're soon removing their clothes, and Daniel ends up laying on his back, getting sucked off by Danny whilst sucking on Nick's cock! We all know where things are going to go from here!

It's fair to say that Daniel's summer house has some very nice views! Especially the ones of Adam who's busy sucking off Timmy next to the lake. It's no surprise that in no time Adam is busy thinking what he'll be doing to the boy once he's finished sucking him off, the outcome, not disappointing!

For the third scene, after Felix raises his concern about the milk may be going off, the boys taste it, and soon John is pouring it all over himself and Felix! Soon the boys are covered, and with John on his knees pleasing Felix, this is one hell of a show for Daniel who was looking out the window at the beginning of the scene! It's no surprise that soon Felix is rimming John to prepare him for what's coming next!

And although Daniel may be busy, when Danny arrives, the apple fest is only getting started, as soon these boys are both naked and enjoying each other's bodies, only Danny knows too well what Daniel is able to fit in his hole! Soon an apple is on its way in! But that is only to open Daniel up a bit, for Danny to go straight in with his cock! Needless to say that Daniel will end up covered in cum, and eating an apple!

Danny Jones, Nick Fox, Daniel Karrington, Timmy Williams, Adam Harper, John Hardy, Felix Jakes 
John Smith
Czech Republic
Run Time:
101 minutes
Release Date:

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