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Suit Addicted Whores DVDR

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Some guys are attracted to those in suits, and just need to get down to business, as is the case for Jhostin and Sergio. These two boys are at their suited partners mercy!

Starting out in the office, the first thing our boys from My Dirtiest Fantasy did was tie him to the chair and fill his mouth with their hard cocks. His desire to suck took him to the floor, where Yah-Jil and Erik, besides drowning him with spit and humiliated him until he took him to the shelf where they started to fuck his ass, which was screaming for a good fuck. Far from being over with Jhostin, Yah-Jil takes him to the storeroom, Yah-Jil is quick to get Jhostin on his knees to service his cock again, which is still rock hard from moments before, with his cock now dripping from a very wet blowjob, he now has Jhostin on the ground removing his socks and licking his feet and making use of the boy on the ground.

Sergio is already in the room waiting for a master, little does he know that soon Erik Devil will be joining him. Erik pulls out the boys dick, gets him hard and is soon giving the boy some unexpected pleasure. But this doesn't last long, as soon Sergio is tied up and getting his ass whipped by Erik, but just as you think that it's all over, Erik ties the boy and suspends him from the ceiling for one last rimm and fuck before it's all over!

Timmy Treasure
Release Date
Jan 19, 2021
Run Time
119 Minutes