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Those of you who have worked in an office know just how boring and tedious it can get sometimes – the day in, day out mundanity almost enough to drive you completely mad on occasion. Well believe us when we tell you that the office in this spunktastic scene is nothing like that – in fact, we would defy anyone to ever want to head home if they were employed in a place like this. Cody Gess – who eventually ably serves out the role of office slut – and Sebastian Grant get things off to an encouraging start; smooching away like a couple of sex-starved lovers, before being unexpectedly interrupted by the arrival of Luk Anders and Jeffery Radden. Not that the two guests appear in any way perturbed by what they’ve just walked in on. In fact, within no time at all they’re actually joining in on the action; with all four lads taking it in turn to feast on all the hard cock on offer. By this point, of course, we’re quite sure you’ll be considering updating your CV and posting it off for any upcoming vacancies; but the temperature in the room creeps even higher once Gess is splayed across the desk so that the others can rim his upturned arse and take turns pushing their cocks down his hungry throat. Indeed, by the time the three others are tag-fucking him for all he’s worth there’s every good chance that you’ll be edging towards a very sticky and satisfying climax. A predicament that Anders, Radden and Grant soon all find themselves in, as they surround Gess and energetically toss the contents of their cum-sacs all over the twink’s face. In short, absolutely fucking beautiful!
Luk Anders, Jeffery Radden, Cody Gess, Sebastian Grant 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
SauVage Scenes
Run Time:
20 minutes
Release Date:


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