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Hunky Tom Arnott is the somewhat predatory photographer, baby-faced David Owen his arguably naïve subject – as the two fellows meet up for a photo-shoot that (inevitably for a gay porn scene) ends up with the handsome stud taking full advantage of the heavenly freshman. It’s not exactly the most original idea for a storyline, of course – nor, for that matter, is the sudden return of Arnott’s other half, curly-haired, Bill Brown, who promptly catches his boyfriend in the middle of an energetic blow-job courtesy of Owen! It’s unlikely, however, that that’s going to affect your overall judgement of what quickly transforms itself into a superb threesome between this trio of beauties. Who watches porn for originality when all’s said and done, anyway? In contrast, the fact that this little escapade features a varied selection of three splendid cock-obsessed sluts will almost certainly push ratings upwards – not least of all the ever-whorish Owen, who could never resist a hard dick when one became available, and who here is quickly the centrepiece of the action. Indeed, having feverishly devoured the offerings of both mates, he’s soon laid out on his back taking every inch that Arnott can push up his arse, whilst Brown rams cock down his throat. Clearly not content, the boy then gets on all fours so that his two mates can switch rolls. It’s the kind of sordid filth that will almost certainly get most viewers into a creamy lather in no time; and suffice it to say that Owen is soon splattered at both ends, before he wraps up proceedings by spewing all over Arnott’s face!
Tom Arnott, David Owen, Bill Brown 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
Raw Scenes
Run Time:
22 minutes
Release Date: