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We’ve all heard cautionary tales about the dangers of hitchhiking – being picked up by strangers in their cars and falling victim to assault or even worse. Except in this particular instance the vehicle in question is actually a van; whilst the fact that the “assailants” in question here are handsome studs, Kamil Fox and Billy Jay, ensures that it’s not altogether clear whether the risks of hitching a lift are being highlighted or (in contrast) promoted. Indeed, is there any gay guy with a pulse who wouldn’t actually enjoy being taken off to a quiet, deserted spot so that someone like Fox could have their moment of fun? Not that young Tomi Luck’s immediate response to the unexpected turn of events is initially too positive. Having fallen asleep in the back of the van, he’s rather rudely awoken to the prospect of having Fox’s cock thrust down his throat – to which (not that surprisingly) he baulks. It’s not long, however, before the horny little slut begins to realise that maybe all his Christmases may have come at once, as Jay joins in on the action and he finds himself sandwiched between two of the hottest, horniest bastards in Czechia. Indeed, any initial resistance soon transforms itself into top-notch enthusiasm; as the cock-crazed bottom takes every inch that Fox can muster up his arse, before quite literally bouncing up and down on Jay’s lap like a cheap whore. Given the intensity of the performance, it’s perhaps not all that surprising that a tsunami of jizz soon ensues – most of it all over Luck’s face! – before a final storyline twist leaves the lad to rue his lack of self-respect.
Kamil Fox, Tomi Luck, Billy Jay 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
Raw Scenes
Run Time:
20 minutes
Release Date: