Raging Stallion Supercock - D.O.

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He's Raging Stallion's Man Of The Year... and one look at his face, his body and his cock was all the judges needed. Now all 10.5 inches (26.7cm.) of D.O.'s gorgeous Argentinean cock can be yours nightly as we present the D.O. Signature piece. Molded from D.O. himself, it's absolutely real in look and feel, capturing every twist and turn of his massive shaft. And like all Raging Stallion's premium-quality Supercocks, it features a strong suction cup base for hand-free play on just about any flat surface. USA made with the finest PVC, he cleans up easily with soap and warm water, and is compatible with all kinds of lubricants. Raging Stallion Supercocks... you'll love these bad boys.