Passion Fruit DVD

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These twinks are passionate in everything they do – including paying homage to their young lovers body! They'll massage them tenderly, making them relax as they work their shoulder muscles with strong hands, moving slowly down their back stopping briefly on their pert asses before moving on to each muscled leg in turn. Turning them onto their back, it's plainly evident there's only one muscle that needs attention and these boys know exactly what to do. Watch as they run their fingers over the throbbing piece of gristle before slipping it into their warm and wet mouths. The hardness twitches as their tongues explore every inch of it and fingers probe hot asses that ache to be stretched with dick and perhaps a dildo or two. The seduction spills over in this dvd and each twink is left satisfied and stuffed with boy-cum!
Stanley Falls, Marek Prohodil, Jim Brown, Will Simon, Tom Charlie, Edy Reed, Sam Thomas, Blake Burrows 
Czech Republic
Run Time:
102 minutes
Release Date: