Nexus Titus - Male G-Spot Massager

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This amazing-looking new anal toy - prostate massage extraordinaire - from the Nexus range of male g-spot stimulators is setting the standard in both good looks and charm of prostate massagers. With its ribbed shaft the Nexus Titus stimulates the entire anal canal with rivulets of pleasure, and the ball bearing takes the experience to a new level. The previous versions of this fantastic toy only set the stage for the Nexus Titus. The shape is similar to the Nexus Vibro, but without the electronics. With a bit more of a bend in the shaft, this prostate toy presses more firmly on the prostate with its 'pebble shaped' head, and gets a larger surface area on the prostate to give you jaw dropping orgasms that erupt from deep inside. The male prostate has nerve endings all over it and so getting a larger surface area on the Nexus Titus (and Nexus Vibro) head get you to reach a lot more of them and so a sensation with more 'flavour'!

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