Naked Kombat 28 DVD (S)

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The crowd cheers for their favorite fighters as they step onto the mat. In the r corner is Hayden "The Swank" Richards and Rowen "The Jackhammer" Jackson going toe to toe with team blue, Doug "The Destroyer" Acre and Jessie "Cut-Throat" Colter. Doug and Rowen choose to go first, charging at one another to the sounds of the roaring crowd. Doug takes Rowen to the ground and gets him in a tight cradle. Jessie gets the tag from his teammate and pounces on Rowen, shoving his balls right in his face. As the rounds heat up all fighters go balls to the wall to rack up as many points possible. Jessie even has a couple injuries but shakes them off like a true warrior and continues to fight with all his strength. After three intense rounds the winners are announced as they claim their prizes, beating and fucking the losing team before covering them in cum for everyone to see!
Jessie Colter, Doug Acre, Hayden Richards, Rowen Jackson 
United States
Run Time:
67 minutes
Release Date:

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