Men on Edge 36 DVD (S)
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Hung stud Blake is minding his own business, working at the metal shop, when he receives a phone call. Sebastian on the other end, enquires Blake about possibly doing another Men on Edge. After his last session, Blake's girlfriend wasn't too happy with him, plus he has his new job at the metal shop. Sebastian comes up with a plan to bring in a pair of "broken" handcuffs for Blake to look at. Unfortunately for Blake, he's tricked into wearing the handcuffs as Sebastian calls up Van. Next thing Blake knows he's bound and blindfolded as he's dragged into Sebastian's apartment. The two perverts tie Blake to the wall as they play with his nice hung cock. With clamps on his nipples and balls, Blake's moans become a mixture of pleasure and pain. Suspended over the bed, we shove dildos in Blake's hole as we edge his rock hard cock. We flip Blake over and finally milk a load out of his cock before treating him with some post-orgasmic tickling.
Sebastian Keys, Blake 
United States
Run Time:
68 minutes
Release Date: