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The title segment Little Brother's Coming Out presents a big brother (Jeff Scott) coming home and catching his little brother (a younger Jeremy Scott) and buddy (Russ Williams) stroking off in the bedroom to skin mags. Jeff invites his own buddy over (hairy-chested Chip Robertson, who stays semi-hard) and the action switches between the duos. Masturbation and cock-sucking, with some anal sex, are captured.

A Cabin in the Woods is separate episodes with preppy Pat Fulton and burlier Jeff Hunter. Heavy petting with clothes on leads to sex and cumming in hands; moving to the bunk beds, they suck dick between bed rungs.

Breaking Through, the most interesting sequence, couples jock David Shaw and his lustful counterpart, Chad Scott, in the locker room. They share teasing and mind games by jacking off for one another, and finally get down to it in the dorm room. Their climaxes are great! Silent loops assembled together in voice-over dialogue and music.
David Shaw, Jeremy Scott, Jeff Hunter, Russ Williams, Jeff Scott, Chad Scott, Chip Robertson, Pat Fulton 
United States
Run Time:
60 minutes