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Young muscle stud Kobe Cash is back for an in depth look at his body in action with Jock Fuckers. When Alec's straight room mate, Kobe, confronts Alec about having sex sex with guys, Alec claims that even Kobe can get turned on by a guy. Alec throws everything he's got a Kobe to see if he can break his straightness. One of the sexiest models in Videoboys' history is Criss, the hard-bodied straight guy with testosterone to spare. Lovers of locker room action, jock straps, hockey players and str8 boys will love this! Lukas Wild traveled to the nations capital to have a chance to tap Taylor's ass. Both of the boys admitted to having a shoe fetish and requested to keep their shoes on while they fucked. I think that little extra excitement put them right over the top because when it came cumshot time, Lukas made history.

At first glance Casey Devereaux and Timo Taylor are an unlikely couple. Casey, 18 yrs old, French speaking, 100% gay, bottom (mostly). Timo, 23, English speaking, bisexual, top (mostly). This may have been the slurpiest, ass-licking-est, ass pounding-est and definitely the loudest duo we have ever recorded. So be warned, if you don't want to wake up the whole apartment block, be ready to adjust the volume on your speakers for this one. Arnaud definitely prefers a real cock but a dildo will do in a pinch and he had brought along a nice thick one that he makes use of from time to time. And though he isn't a habitual user of the dildo, Arnaud is a real artist with it, giving his tight little ass a very thorough and satisfying stretching session in Jock Fuckers.
Arnaud Chagall, Kobe Cash, Lucas Wild, Alec Winfield 
United States
Release Date:

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