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This is the story of seven petty criminals and their interaction with two guards and the warden. Today, we watch two new inmates enter the facility and go through the traditional inspection. The two guards are so turned on during the anal search that they handcuff the new guys to the door while they fuck each other with abandon on the table right before the youthful offenders' eyes. In the obligatory shower scene we see Arny Arnold, Europe's most popular male star, display his devilish charm and awesome body while plowing a fellow inmate into oblivion. The entire jail is one big sex club, even the warden gets into the act as he fucks ever-hot Danny Boy right in his office. Six incrediby hot, sperm-coated scenes.
Angelo La Nuite, Arny Arnold, Bobby Brown, Danny Boy, Hynek Cross, Kay Benz, King Louis, Lukas Moll, Rex Toul, Simon Lassek 
Rolf Hammerschmidt
Czech Republic
Man's Best
Run Time:
96 minutes
Release Date:

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