Hard Deal DVD

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These muscled studs don't need to work hard to get hard – it's a done deal when their fuck buddy gets naked and invites them to touch, lick and adore their toned physique, talented tush and solid cock! Mutual desire sees them coming together in a passionate embrace where mouths collide for deep-rooted kisses and cocks grind against each other, getting even harder, if that's even possible! These guys love the feel of a fat dick splitting their holes, but they're not adverse to getting a hard stuffing with an oversized dildo either as one lustful playboy gladly gives up his ass to some smooth latex! Hard Deal is a serious fuckfest full of sucking, rimming, hardcore pounding and huge loads of creamy cum!
Korben & Jorge Ballantinos, Sam Colt & Aitor Crash, Jake Bolton, Dolan Wolf & Aaron Richmond, Ted Colunga & Uncle John 
Men 1st
Run Time:
107 minutes
Release Date:

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