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In Feast Your Eyes , director Matt Sterling is back on top! First, Jason Hawke gets a call from buddy Jim Slade. The scene dissolves to Slade’s fantasy as he places himself in a leather harness behind bars to goad leather clad Trey Rexx with his butt. Rexx soon slides a dildo in and out of Jim’s happy butt, then Rexx tops Slade’s butt and mouth. They finish with Rex inserting another dildo up Slade’s butt, then the two jack-off together face to face. Next, Dante Foxx picks up Deacon Frost at the beach and takes him straight to bed. Frost and Foxx trade blowjobs, then Foxx tops Frost into next week! Then, Jason Hawke pulls in to a gas station where gas jocky Brad Benton fills his SUV up. Jason slips him his phone number with his payment for the fill up, then drives back to his pad where he unwinds by watching a porn flick. The scene features Hans Ebson and Lark Larson. Hans invites blond Lark back to his pad where Larson swallows Ebson’s uncut dick, then Lark tops Ebson doggy style! Next, Brad Benton calls Jason Hawke and Jason invites him over. As soon as Brad is inside Jason’s door, they kiss passionately, then tear each other’s clothes off while climbing the stairs to the bedroom. After sixty-nining in bed, the action moves to an outdoor balcony where each competes to out-suck the other! Back in bed, Brad tops Jason expertly, then Jason tops Brad movingly in a scene that was nominated for a 2002 GayVN award--Best Sex Scene!
Brad Benton, Hans Ebson, Dante Foxx, Deacon Frost, Jason Hawke, Lark Larson, Trey Rexx, Jim Slade 
Matt Sterling
United States
Huge Video
Run Time:
87 minutes

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