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Elder Solano was having trouble in school so his wealthy father, worried that his son was out of control and harbouring homosexual feelings, sent him to the Order, unaware that his son's secret desires would be explored and exploited. After guidance from Bishop Napoli and Solano proves himself to be one of the brightest missionaries the Order has seen in awhile, he is paired with Bishop Davies, in the hopes of further preparing the young men to be faithful sexual servants to the priests.

President Manwaring instructs Solano to extend his arms while holding textbooks signifying the weight of his sins. Once the weight becomes too much , Manwaring moves forward with the lesson in a much more hands-on manner. Elder Solano has passed all the tests, proving again and again that he is the perfect guide for young missionaries. All that remains now is the consecration ceremony, which Manwaring is eager to take part in.

Elder Solano, Bishop Napoli, Bishop Davies, President Manwaring 
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Missionary Boyz
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90 minutes
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