Jam Boy Ree chapter 2 DVD

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The theme is scouting, which means lots of twinks romping around outdoors. If khaki uniforms with red scarves is your thing then so much the better. This is a really hot movie and will appeal to fans of twinks and Latin men. A few more close ups would have been nice, but as it is there's very little to complain about. All scenes take place outdoors.

Beto and Alex climb a tree - and then proceed to have sex. They are still in the tree, mind you. One has dark skin and black hair, the other is more fair, with longish brown hair. The exchange blowjobs which seems hot, but unfortunately the camera doesn't get really close. We can see more of the trees than we can of their dicks! The clothes come off to reveal smooth toned bodies, which quickly get down to fucking. The darker guy bottoms. He's quite vocal for a dude getting plowed in a tree. They get into some pretty creative positions, both for fucking and a 69 while one hangs from a branch. The best part is when the brown haired guy rides his buddy's cock. Both have nice cocks and shoot good loads.

Eddie, Adair and Mikal (unfortunately a different individual than this reviewer) are sitting on a log when the mood strikes. They quickly get naked which is a plus. One guy, who appears to be a few years older than the other two, takes dick at both ends, moaning and saying something that could be "fuck me harder" in another language. The other two guys take turns at both ends, and they are both dark, lean and really toned.

A picnic table turns into romantic spot for Kleber and Junior. One is slim, the other has a slightly bigger build. The slimmer guy is smooth and toned with highlighted hair and he spends some time sucking dick before topping doggy style. Then he sits against a tree while the bottom rides him. Slim dude has a nice tanned smooth bod, which is shown off more when they flip flop. Both jerk off to orgasm.

Alex and Mareno are two more adorable lads going at it. Again, more hot bods and some nice rimming lead to a standing doggy. These guys are ripped and the bottom stays hard while getting fucked. Some passion in these scene, too.

Ross and Mikal are two more hot twinks who suck and fun. These guys are truly stunning, especially the dark haired one who tops. The bottom doesn't cum, but the sexy studly top more than makes up for it by shooting a load that not only splatters across his torso, some of it lands on his shoulder!

Beto, Alex, Eddie, Adair, Mikal, Kleber, Junior, Alex, Mareno, Ross 
Nelson De Oliveira
18 Today
Run Time:
80 minutes
Release Date:

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