Bottom Games 5 DVD

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In this game there is no losing!

THE POKER GAME Apollo Fates challenges Jax Thirio to a poker game where the winner tops the loser. They play a few hands until Jax ends up winning, so Apollo immediately gets his pants down and bends over the table, ready to take Jax’s huge cock!

FROM BORING TO BOTTOM Cyrus Stark joins Jax throwing some rocks into a pot. They make it into a game, declaring that whoever gets more rocks into the pot gets his dick sucked. After a few rounds Cyrus finds himself on his knees!

A CHALLENGE BETWEEN STRAIGHT BRUHS Jax challenges his friend Gunnar to water pong, where the loser has to suck the winner’s dick! Gunnar says he’s not into that gay stuff, but it turns out Gunnar is way more into that gay stuff than he claimed!

BET, BRUH! Frat bros Masyn Thorne and Devyn do round after round of arm wrestling, betting each other that whoever loses has to do something sexual to the other. Soon the game doesn’t matter and all that does is who gets to pleasure the other one more.

Apollo Fates, Jax Thirio, Cyrus Stark, Gunnar, Masyn Thorne, Devyn 
United States
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Run Time:
117 minutes
Release Date: