Bear Sex Life 3 DVD (S)

Bear Films
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Talk about a Bear’s Sex Life. We paired them with other co-stars, but after a few days of keeping their lust for each other under control, it was Riley and Alessio's turn to get down to it, and they didn't care who was in the room. Phil and Buster get down to business even before the cameras start rolling. But Phil, a bearded bottom cock and cum whore, wants more. So does Buster. Real-life couple Phoenix and Ty were happy and ready to get on set and have some fun. A little chit-chat leads to them groping and kissing one another. Then the clothes came off, and both were in jocks that were holding back their delicious-looking cocks. Scott isn’t all that experienced when it comes to sex, but he’s in for quite a ride with Guy English. The salt-n-pepper bearded daddy might look innocent and shy, but he’s far from it. He can throw down with the best of them, and when it comes to fucking, he can go the distance.
Alessio Romero, Buster Nastee, Guy English, Phil Mehup, Phoenix Ryan, Riley Mitchel, Scott Matthews, Ty Brooks 
United States
Bear Films
Run Time:
93 minutes
Release Date:

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