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Raging Stallion
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Riders Correctional Facility, a federal prison camp just outside of Las Vegas, not only houses some of the city’s most notorious criminals but is also the twisted playground of diabolically sadistic warden Cole Connor. Out for money to pay off gambling debts and dirty politicians, Cole lords over a dangerous inmate sex trafficking racket that just about everyone – including the chief district attorney – would do anything to keep a secret. With reputations to protect, the rich and powerful must go head-to-head with an unhinged warden while the convicts learn quickly just how stiff sentences can be when you’re on “the inside.”

This gay porn download contains never-before-seen hardcore content and delivers the Director's cut of the riveting final four episodes of the gritty action-drama directed by award-winning filmmaker Tony Dimarco, written by talented scribe Ben Rush and featuring an all-star cast of nine rough-and-rugged studs.

Bennett Anthony, Drew Valentino, Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe, Reign, Drew Sebastian, Alpha Wolfe 
Tony Di Marco
United States
Raging Stallion
Run Time:
107 minutes
Release Date: