Elder Sorensen: Chapters 6-11 DOWNLOAD

Mormon Boyz
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Now finally available for instant XXX download! Elder Sorensen is everything a Mormon boy should be. But to join The Order, he must be punished for his sins. He'll be spanked like a naughty little boy, then his hole will be stretched with a beaded instrument. But after it all, he'll love his leaders more than ever. Elder Sorensen knew this day would come. The Order has commanded him to appear at the temple to be fucked and bred on the temple alter. Called in for a physical inspection, every inch of the boy's delicious body is caressed and probed before he takes a deep breath, bends over and takes that giant dick.
Elder Sorensen, Patriarch Smith, Elder Miller, Elder Ricci, Elder Steward, President Oaks, President Nelson 
United States
Mormon Boyz
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180 minutes
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