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Get a load of Triga’s new double bill spunk fest Turbo Power. Who doesn’t love a couple of foul mouthed Turbo Powered boy racers? In part one of our latest production best mates Darren and Ste meet up for an afternoon drinking session and their filthy minds soon turn to sticking some hard core porn on the telly. After a few glasses of the hard stuff it’s a case of any hole is a goal. And young Darren is only too willing to oblige - his tight hole gets fingered, spat on and then obliterated by Ste’s massive tool before he deep throats his mate like a fuckin pro. But just as he’s about to shoot his load up Darren’s arse Ste’s flat mate Aaron turns up from work horny as fuck and ready for action. Now the two tops go full on, egging each other on as they dominate dirty little Darren, gobbing in his mouth and shoving their boots and filthy socks in his face before they spit roast him and pound his arse bareback into the middle of next week and spunkin right up his sore arse. Talk about afternoon fuckn-delite - this scene has got it all. In part two sports lads Mike and Gary team up for some hardcore cock action - blowing each other’s hard cocks until they’re ready to burst and then fuckin each other’s arses in a headboard bangin crescendo- lets put it this way- you deffo wouldn’t wanna be in the next room trying to sleep whilst this lot are at it... C’mon lads - get a load of Turbo Power and get your ends away.
United Kingdom
Run Time:
150 minutes
Release Date: