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Bare Twinks
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The infamous Bunga Bunga parties take on whole new level of sweet, satisfying perversion from the guys at Bare Twinks, as some of the hottest, horniest young beauties get together for the kind of escapade that wet dreams are made of. Lads like Chris Summers, Connor Jacobs and Kyler Rex team up for one no-holds-barred fuck-fest after the next, and with not so much as a single rubber in sight we’ve absolutely no doubt in own minds that you’re gonna love every single wank-tastic minute of hardcore action. Cute as new buttons, horny as it’s surely possible to be, these handsome, well-hung pups act like the total whores they were always meant to be; with a tsunami of cum guaranteed to bring this party to a very sticky conclusion!
Bryce Christiansen, Chris Summers, Robbie Anthony, Jasper Robinson, Ryker Madison, Jax Marnell, Zack Love, Kayden Alexander, James Strirling, Ethan Steele, Blake Anderson, Connor Jacobs, Greco Rai, Trey Ryan & Kyler Rex 
Not Credited
United States
Bare Twinks
Run Time:
95 minutes
Release Date:

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