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Beau Mec Scene
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Thomas Dyk was always the kind of boy who never allowed anything – and we really do mean anything! – to stand between him and a good fuck. Not even a fucking snowstorm! So don’t be too surprised when his filthy mind quickly turns to sex when he and fellow traveller, Mark Doof, manage to find a warm and safe shelter from a blizzard. In fact, it’s a case of jumping straight into the shower – and into each other’s crotches! To be fair, Doof initially seems a tad reluctant to strip out of his pants – perhaps aware that the sight of the wet material clinging to his butt will only excite his walking buddy even more than usual. If that is the reason then it certainly has the desired effect. Dyk can’t get enough of his bud’s sexy rump; and is soon displaying his appreciation by flicking his mate around, falling to his knees, and devouring Doof’s deliciously appetising cock with gusto. It’s certainly more than enough to dispel any reticence on Doof’s part, that’s for sure; as he promptly returns the compliment by feasting on Dyk’s infamous dick with reckless aplomb, before then allowing his buddy another energetic session of cock-sucking. All this, of course, is but a mere foretaste of the real hardcore penetration that a boy like Dyk yearns for – as fantastic giving head might be! No, he’s not really happy until he’s been pounded good and proper up the arse – and Doof has exactly the equipment and determination to make that dream cum true! Cue a stupendous, almost unforgiving hammering that literally knocks the spunk out of Dyk; before Doof sprays a breathtaking wad all over his pal’s body!
Thomas Dyk, Mark Doof 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Beau Mec Scene
Run Time:
19 minutes
Release Date: