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Adam (Adam Zarsky) and Kevin (Kevin Kraus) are a beautiful couple! Kevin finally decided to complete his studies, and Adam, who works as an assistant at the Physics Faculty, is helping his partner Kevin with his studies. Damian (Damian Dickey) has completely different interests. His biggest hobbies are chatting on the internet, masturbating in front of a webcam and meeting new boys. Why not go play billiards? No! Nick (Nick Daniels) doesn’t want to today. Not far away, Thomas (Thomas Adamec) is waiting, and sex with Thomas seems like much more fun for Nick. Niko (Nikolas Markov) is very mysterious. He doesn’t do very well at soccer practice, and co-players Nick (Nick Daniels) and Kevin (Kevin Kraus) are trying in vain to find out who the boy is who Nick rushes to visit every day after practice. Colin (Colin Reeves) is in love! And so much so that while he is getting it on with his boyfriend at home, his friends Kevin (Kevin Kraus) and Adam (Adam Zarsky) ring his doorbell, but get no answer.

There are too many boys in the group, and deciding exactly what to do on a particular day is not easy sometimes!
Kevin Kraus, Adam Zarsky, Nick Deniels, Thomas Adamec, Lucky Taylor, Colin Reeves, Kenny Jacobs, Damian Dickey, Paul Brise, Nikolas Markov, Kevin Brise 
Robert Boggs
Czech Republic
Run Time:
127 minutes
Release Date:

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