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Is there anything better than hot, sticky sex between two guys in a shower? Certainly Dillon Day and John Cer don’t seem to think so, that’s for fucking sure, as they engage in a rough-and-tumble duo that’ll almost certainly have you reaching for your zipper nigh on as quickly as it did the first audience back in 2008. Day is the dark-haired predator, pushing blond-haired pup, Cer, against the shower-room wall; then stripping the lad of his vest-top, before falling down on his knees to give his buddy’s already-swollen shaft a much-needed gobbling! It’s a move that signals a somewhat breathless suck-session between the two prisoners, with each guy seemingly desperate to enjoy as much pleasure from cock as it’s possible to get. Ultimately, however, there can only be one bottom here; with Day finally assuming his position as the dominant party by thrusting his long, thick, uncut schlong deep into Cer’s hungry little arse. Cue a terrific fuck session, with Cer – his back emblazoned with his birthdate – pinned down on the shower-room floor as Day hammers home for all he’s worth. If the sight of this no-holds-barred act of wanton fornication doesn’t get you spewing like a geyser then fuck knows what will; with the boys soon spooning up against each other so that Day can finally unload a heavy, creamy wad all over his mate’s well-worked fuck-hole. Seconds later, and Cer has reached an equally explosive predicament – finally spraying the contents of his cum-sac all over his own crotch. Leaving the lads to bring the show to an end with a satisfying smooch.
Dillon Day, John Cer 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
Bare Scenes
Run Time:
13 minutes
Release Date: