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It’s two scenes for the price of one; with a rather short webcam-inspired wank between the legendary Cameron Jackson and the relatively unknown, Jay Arner, followed by a truly unforgettable threesome featuring Thomas Lee, Alan Capier and the fantastically endowed Sanches Viva. Indeed, there’s simply no denying the fact that Viva’s almost unbelievably oversized black schlong is the star of this entire episode; with Jackson’s brief but satisfying wank prior to its welcome appearance proving almost tame in comparison. That in itself is testimony to just how fucking gorgeous this black beauty really is; and it should come as no surprise to anyone that Lee and Capier are pretty much totally captivated by the said joystick right from the off. Indeed, let’s be perfectly blunt about it, these two white boys are quite literally fighting for it; before Capier slowly transforms himself into the centrepiece of all the ensuing action. As such, he’s the lad who eventually finds himself with Lee’s dick pounding away up his arse, whilst Viva pumps merrily down his throat – a display that seems to warm him up nicely to arguably the main event, when the boy finally sits astride the black mamba and rides it for all he’s fucking worth. The sight of Lee bouncing up and down on his black buddy’s lap is almost enough to get you jerking off like crazy there and then; but the climax of the top-notch performance surely doesn’t actually come until both Lee and Viva christen the horned-up slut’s face with a veritable tidal wave of pent-up spunk, leaving Capier (not for the first time) coated in hot jizz!
Cameron Jackson, Jay Arner, Thomas Lee, Sanches Viva, Alan Capier 
Vlado Iresh
Czech Republic
Bare Scenes
Run Time:
25 minutes
Release Date: