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Running time: 21 mins

John Swis and Collin Richardson are not alone in being turned on big time by other guys’ dirty laundry – it’s a fairly common kink, after all – but it’s clearly not something that has ever crossed Kevin Trejo’s young mind. Indeed, Trejo is very much the fresh-faced innocent in this classic threesome, stumbling on the antics of his two buddies and (for a moment at least) almost paralysed in his response to seeing them slurping on each other’s dicks. It’s not a predicament that lasts for very long, however. Before you know it he’s got his own cock out of his jeans and is jerking it in response – initially without Richardson and Swis even realising. Once the two studs catch the sight of him wanking in the corner, however, the action turns – not unsurprisingly! – increasingly sordid. Cue a cute young man’s deflowering, as Trejo first tumbles to his knees to give his mates a much-needed blow-job; then gets bundled over a washing-machine so that Swis can bury his aching shaft deep into his hungry little arse-hole. The sight of the youngster being spit-roasted for all he’s worth is almost certainly enough to get any red-blooded viewer into a state of close-ecstasy; and it’s perhaps very little wonder that neither Swis or Richardson can hold back from dumping generous wads of pent-up man-juice at either end of the curly-haired beauty. Strangely enough, however, it’s arguably the closing-action sight of Trejo splattering a fine rope of jizz all over Swis’s face that warrants ultimate acclaim – both studs lapping away at the end of the twink’s spent shaft to call the show to a wrap!

Actor: Kevin Trejo, John Swis, Collin Richardson
Director:Vlado Iresh
Language: Czech
Studio:Raw Scenes
Country: Czech Republic
Filesize:0.63 GB
  $ 9.75

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