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Running time: 6 mins

The love of money is the root of all evil, so they say – a maxim that certainly be used to underline the events of this kinky little vignette starring petty criminal, Jay Gregory, and his avenging fellow felon, Jimmy Evans. Of course, the fact that Evans dreams of electrocuting his pal in the bath may seem somewhat out of kilter with the overall purpose of this as a sex scene – unless that kind of thing floats your boat! But placing that script development to one side, there’s no denying that seeing these two fellows cavort together in a bubble-bath is a highly erotic set-piece – not least of all because Gregory (particularly) is most definitely blessed by nature where it counts. Indeed, you get the very distinct impression that Evans struggles to get his mouth around the thick, meaty girth on offer – though it must also be stated that he ultimately succeeds! That’s maybe just as well given the fact that this is essentially an oral scene – arguably a niche, which may or may not appeal to the viewer. As such, if you’re looking for anal action then maybe it’s best to look elsewhere – although admittedly Evans does gently finger his pal as he aggressively sucks Gregory’s dick. But in terms of the simple act of watching a handsome young twink slurping on cock then this performance really does take some beating; and it’s really no surprise, given the level of oral intensity, that it’s not too long before Gregory cannot hold back any longer, producing a fine spray of pent-up jizz in the process. Which leaves Gregory to jerk Evans off in return; before the story exacts a final twist!

Actor: Jay Gregory, Jimmy Evans
Director:Vlado Iresh
Language: Czech
Studio:Raw Scenes
Country: Czech Republic
Filesize:0.19 GB
  $ 9.75

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